Stop IMATA trainers torturing Taiji dolphins!



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Dear IMATA President, Michele Sousa

Your organisation states its trainers exercise “the highest levels of respect and humaneness for all animals”. But in Taiji, IMATA trainers stand side by side with hunters in the killing cove, handpicking which dolphins will live and die.

They drag terrified dolphins out of the water by their tail flukes - knowing their family members will be slaughtered.

Japan’s brutal dolphin hunts rely on the profit generated by selling live dolphins and whales to marine parks. By endorsing trainers that tear animals out of the wild in Taiji, IMATA is keeping these deadly hunts in business.

IMATA, if you really care about dolphins, stop allowing your trainers to participate in the hunts, and torture dolphins in Taiji.

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Trainers tear dolphins out of the wild so violently in Taiji, many drown in a sea of panic. They choose the “pretty” mothers for captivity, and toss their babies aside to be brutally stabbed to death.

These heartless trainers torturers shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near animals. But the world’s peak marine animal trainer association, IMATA, welcomes them with open arms – and lets them get away with horrific animal abuse.


Your signature can get these cruel IMATA trainers out of Taiji, and their hands off innocent dolphins.

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